Wednesday, October 17, 2018


In our second science unit students have been exploring with circuits.  In particular, they discovered what is necessary for complete circuits.   They were introduced to electricity as a form of energy that has multiple uses and investigated how electrical energy travels. They designed flashlights that could turn on and off. 

Rugs and Fences

The kids played an area and perimeter game called Rugs and Fences.  They enjoyed figuring out the answers. 

Water Festival

Fourth, fifth and sixth graders were very fortunate to attend the Water Festival this year at the University of Maine.  Our students rotated through focused stations and learned so much.  We went head to head in trivia against another fourth grade class from Skowhegan in "Drupial Pursuit" which ended in a tie! We had speakers from the State talk to us about composting and watersheds in two other sessions.  I think the kids really loved walking around the Field House with opportunities to take part in the 7-8 stations filled with hands on activities.   We had tired fourth graders by the end of the day.

How Maine Has Influenced the World

It was great to see other students reading our work.  Fourth grade wrote nonfiction pieces about various aspects of Maine from earmuffs, to whoopee pies to Louis Sockalexis.  We created a scavenger hunt for other classes to solve, enjoy and learn from.

Open Mic Night

After learning what Open Mic Night is while reading The Homework Strike,  some of the kids decided we should have an Open Mic Night of our own.  They wrote original pieces and shared them  with the class.  I love that there are such risk takers in our class. I think we have some upcoming performers in our future.

Gardening with Mrs. Stone

Thank you to Mrs. Stone for helping us harvest the cabbages the class planted last spring.  It was a lot of fun and a good learning experience.

Teaming Up For A New Year

Second, third, fourth and fifth graders got together to design "All About Me Banners!"  They will be on display all year long or until they give away!