Monday, September 14, 2020

National Day of Service and Remembrance


National Day of Service and Remembrance 

Our 4/5 classroom talked in depth about what The National Day of Service and Remembrance represents.  We focused quite a bit of time on the events of 9/11 and talked about heroes that are in our own lives. We listened to the book September Roses, and the students made roses for someone in their life they see as a hero to them.  It was a really strong activity.  In fact, I have had students email me about it and have seen two posts  of the roses on Facebook. :) The class had showed such creativity when designing and making the rose but the message to our heroes was all the same

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Creative Recycling

As an extended activity from a science lesson, we learned about creative ways people have reused plastic.  We decided to take on the challenge ourselves.  Take a look at some of our ideas for recycled plastic.

This is my new earrings set. I  made it out of a plastic bottle. First,  I cut out two small triangles and took a candle to soften and curl them. Then I found some old earring hooks and glued them on.  I  think it would be useful  to give these to a pop star and MAYBE people would start recycling their plastic. Natalee

  I made a plastic monster and named him Crazy. He was made out of a 4-pack can carrier, bottle caps, a spoon, a take- out plastic bowl cover, a plastic bottle, and a take-out salad bowl. He is useful because he is a friend for this time in the Coronavirus. I do not need to social distance from this friend. Charlie

I made a giraffe bank and  he is a cute bank! First, I took a bottle and cut off the top . Then I used the top part as the neck. I used the cap for the snout and I covered it with yellow paper, and drew on brown spots. The materials I used were: plastic bottles, paper, and markers.
It's useful because it is a piggy bank. I got the idea from a slide show. They made a pig but I made a giraffe.  People who need a place to put their money might want it. Amelia

I call this "The Cube". It picks up trash in the ocean and recycles it too. It never fails on us. It is made out of plastic bottles and it is awesome.
The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jason 

I am going to make a t-rex out of plastic bottles and paper and use glue to put it together. I got the idea from Amelia and I would like her to have it. Zeke 

My idea is a beautiful mini-purse. It is very nice, functional and good to have with you. If you want some candies when you're out, this is the perfect thing for you. I made it with a plastic bag and some decorative tape. I made it by just really easily taking some normal tape and folding the plastic bag up a little bit and taping it on. Then you take some decorative tape and cover it. Take two little strips and just put them right on using glue or tape. If you like bags or purses ,you would like this mini-purse.  I got the idea from looking around my bedroom and seeing all of the other big purses that are just for style ,but this is one that is fashionable and you can use it to hold all the little candies that you want. Brooke

My Fox bank is a wonderful bank. I made her out of a plastic bottle and paper. I drew her nose on her cap and she sits on my drawer. When I made her she was just a bottle but then I glued on an orange body. I also glued on ears and a tail and eyes. They are made out of paper. It can be useful because you can put money in it. I got the idea from the piggy bank in the Mystery Doug video. People might want it because they can use her as a Fox Bank and keep their money safe. Cleo is her name.

My Titanic is an awesome toy.  It  is made completely of plastic bottles and tape. There are four parts to this ship: the front, the middle, the back and the bottom layers. The first bottom layer is connected to the back and front.  The second layer is connected to the first layer by eight pieces of tape.  The third layer is also connected by eight pieces of tape. The middle, back and front contains twenty one bottles. And that is my description.

My polar bank is the new thing. It is a recycled Snapple bottle. I rinsed the yuck out of the bottle. Then I let it sit for a while with soap and water in it. I got paper and cut it out. Then I got more paper and made legs. My dad cut the hole. I already have money in it!  That is why my polar bank is the new thing.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Food Poems

My Food Poem
By Teagan
It looks like creamy gooey goodness, a layer of goldenness. 
It tastes like a blanket of gold,
Every bite is  more delicious than the last.
It smells like a hot summer day with spice on top.

It sounds like a box of noodles,
Being poured into a bowl of water.
It feels like a comfy blanket as it goes down my throat.
it looks like a bucket of gold at the end of a rainbow

Yum, yum, yum, my treasure in my tum.

My Food Poem
By Nathan
I walk into a restaurant,
 I smell the delightful aroma of grease-
fulfilling the burgers taste.  
When I take a  bite the juice drips from the burger.  
So what I'm trying to say is…

 It’s delicious.

My Taco Poem
By Charlie
When you bite into a taco,
 You travel to a magical world of … 
 As you walk through the colorful taco forest,
 You hear the... 
Of taco shells on the ground. 
You keep walking. 
You stop and look at a red, spicy taco sauce river
 And a beef and cheese bridge. 
You walk across the warm bridge, 
You see a lettuce tree and you walk by it. 
You look at the sour cream clouds. 
You leave the forest and land back at your dining  room table. You finish the taco and ask for seconds.

My Food Poem
By Noah
Chicken chalupa is so cheesy and delicious.
 Once it’s done, 
It’s orange and white,
Mouth watering,
 When you take a bite

 It is gooey, crispy, and crunchy.

Ode To My S’more
By Aynslie   
Oh s’more, so sticky and sweet,
 You’ve cheered me up so many times.
You taste so good,
 Every time I take a bite.
 I can smell your crisp marshmallow,
You look like you are perfectly cooked.
Sometimes I feel bad for you,
Because I keep eating your friends,
But they are so very tasty,
So I don't really feel bad. 
PS. You are next.        

My Poem

By Brooke

Triple Chocolate Cupcake

The taste it taste so good, like a chocolate volcano,

 Flooding into my mouth.
It smells like a king-sized chocolate bar,
 When you first open it.
It sounds like a stream of water,
 When you cut into it.
It feels like a sponge that,
 Soaked up all the chocolate in the world.
It looks like a chocolate mountain,
 that got rained on by melted chocolate.
The End

My Food Poem
By Anna
 The taste is soft and sweet,
 Like happy volcanoes popping in my mouth.
 The smell is sweet as sugar, and fresh cake in the oven.
It looks like soft, wavy, chocolate.
 The sound is nice and crunchy.
Soft goodness,
 Last,  but not least,

My Food Poem
By Gabrielle
Banana sandwiches taste sweet and tropical,
 If you just take one nibble you will surely be amazed.
They have a soft fruity scent with a hint of vanilla.
Once you take a bite,
 You'll hear a subtle crunch.
The texture is delightful and creamy, 
The banana is moist, not dry.
Pale yellow creamy goodness,
 It’s just what we need!

My FoodPoem
By Amelia 

When I come home from school,
I look in the fridge.
Then I see this golden fresh pineapple. 
It looks so perfect.
When I pulled it out of the fridge,
It felt so fresh and juicy. 
I asked my mom if she could cut it, she did. 
She cut it into wonderful shapes!
When I bite down on it.
It sounds so juicy and tastes so sweet, 
When it’s gone I beg for more.
Mom’s Ice Cream Cake
By Eric

It's my birthday. 
My mom is making an ice cream cake.
My sister and mom are working hard before I wake up.
The eggs are falling into the pot.
My sister is stirring like crazy.
They put it into the oven 
Just to find, it wasn't on.
Finally the cake is out,
I feel like waking up,
 I don't want to though,
 I'm tired.
They’re  rushing to put on the whip cream,
 I’m getting dressed,
 Only for my dad to  tell me to make my bed.
The cake is almost ready,
 It just needs the candles.
I’m coming downstairs.
They quickly hide in the bathroom.
They came out singing, “Happy Birthday!”
The beautiful blueness, 
The nice candles sparkled,
Like a lighthouse in the ocean.
It felt freshly made,

And that would explain the big mess on the kitchen counter.  

My Food Poem
By Zeke
Chicken wings say to eat me.
When I taste them,
It is amazing,
The juicy meat inside the wing,   
Wants me to eat it,

So I eat it and it is delicious in my tummy.    

Chicken Tender
By Paul

The chicken tender,
Has a crunchy outside, 
But a soft, warm inside.
The chicken tender smells,
Like warm goodness.
The chicken tender’s sound is a crunch,
With a rough outside but a smooth inside.
The chicken tender looks like brown goodness,
And when I am at Las Palapas,
 I always eat chicken tenders.

My Poem
by Evangeline

Avocado sandwich.
It tastes awesome.
It smells good.
It sounds crunchy.
It feels soft.

It looks great.

My Poem
By: Kahlyn
Peeps are delicious, 
They taste like marshmallows,
They smell yummy,
And sound like birds and bunnies,                                        
They feel squishy like marshmallows,
And look like marshmallows and that's because,          
They are marshmallows but shaped differently!                                
          This is my poem about peeps.

My Poem

By Jason

Ribs,  ribs come to me

 For I can eat,

Your squishy meat.  

Your meat is from the colors that are cool,

 Like delicious meat. 

You're crisp, firm and crunchy. 

Ribs are yummy in my tummy.  

Sometimes my ribs are chewy.

Dear Fried Chicken,
You taste so good and are better than Chicken nuggets. You taste so crispy and look so crispy.
I hear a crunch when I bite into your crunchy hair,
And the tender chicken takes me somewhere else.
This is my undying love for you.